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  • omg i found u!!
    what hapen to digital kao?
    anyway i follow the "total spoonfeed newbie guide to dm500c"
    when i power it up & switch on the tv, i try scanning, but get nothing.
    i m from singapore
    i need singapore cable . xml is it?
    can i have it pls
    thanks alot. =)
    hi despdan
    it sounds lame i know - but how do I turn on my private messaging ? I seen like I can't do any private message
    Maybe because my status in the forum is "newbie".
    BTW are on on IM ? can u add me ? msn:[email protected] , ICQ:1222749
    hi, When I try to download mgcamd from addon, an message popup"An error occured during http action" do you know what is going on?
    Try changing the cam to mgcamd. & restart box

    pm=edit options>messaging & notifacation
    How to Create your own Boot and Shutdown Logos
    Thanks to Fergy for the guide.


    Dimensions of boot, radio, mp3 and scan picture must to be 720x576 pixels in PAL format.
    Path where boot image are stored is /root/platform/kernel and named is bild
    Path where other pictures are stored is /var/tuxbox/config/enigma/pictures/
    Program what is usually used to make boot/background pictures is TMPGEnc ( in attachement is *.mcf template file what You can put into TMPGEnc's \Template folder )

    So little brief for using TMPGEnc without the template:

    #1 Download TMPGEnc from official site
    #2 Unzip the file to your chosen destination.
    #3 Double click the 'TPMGEnc.exe MPEG Encoder' file and click 'OK' on the small pop up window and then click 'Cancel' on the 'Project Wizard (1/5)' window that appears.
    #4 Next screen, bottom right...'Stream type', check the box 'ES (Video only)'.
    #5 Next, bottom left...'Video source:' click on 'Browse' and select the background/photo that you want as your new boot logo for the Dreambox.
    #6 Next, bottom left... 'Output file name:' click on browse and choose the path for your finished 'new' boot background/photo and edit the name to 'bild' (minus the '....' and in lower case) ie: the line that apperars in the 'Output file name:' should read similar to C:\Documents and Settings\Whatever\My Documents\bild ( the actual name of the photo does NOT appear).
    #7 Next, bottom on 'Setting' and check that the value settings are:

    .....'Stream type:' = MPEG-1 Video
    .....'Size' = 720 x576 pixels
    .....'Aspect ratio:' = 1:1 (VGA)
    .....'Frame rate:' = 25 fps
    .....'Rate control mode:' = Constant bitrate (CBR)
    .....'Bitrate:' = 12000
    .....'Motion search precision:' = Normal

    When checked, click 'OK' to exit the screen.

    #8 Top left click 'Start', if all is goes well, the '100%' bar appears and your completed 'bild' file is to be found in your chosen 'Output...' location.

    Transferring the new 'boot' photo to the Dreambox.

    ENSURE that the image that you want to change the boot/radio background pictures for, is the image RUNNING in the Dreambox when editing.

    With the image, that you want to change the boot photo for, running in the Dreambox, open your chosen FTP prog and transfer your new 'bild' file to the path: 'root/platform/kernel', you can overwrite or delete the pevious 'bild' file that exists.

    Exit your FTP prog and reboot the Dreambox.

    You should, if all ok, see your new photo on the next boot.

    *** If You want to change boot picture before compressing image (after command make rebuild-flash ) , just copy it into /tuxbox-cvs/root/cdkflash/boot/root/platform/kernel before executing command make flash-compress.
    Hi i have just change the file camd.cfg to AU=02 but still cant auto update. I have deleted the keys in keys.txt and restarted evocam but still blank screen
    May I know where to get these images >Null Modem Image ,Flash Wizard Image?
    Are you saying that these image can scan any country transponders and channels? Are you say that these two images are New flash images> "Null Modem Image", "Flash Wizard Image"? Sorry I'm new to this Dm500C. I have search on magaupload but cant find anything.

    List of content of my friend's box and mine >var>scce> nothing inside.
    List the contents of your scce folder i need to know whats in there.

    You Could Try This it should scan & clear your channels just follow the instructions.
    Credit goes to cgscott: New fresh images

    Everything you need is in this image simply go to menu and Autosearch transponder. Scroll right to the bottom of the list and choose your provider i.e Bruteforce. etc.

    Do a scan once this is finished go to a premium channel.

    Click info button for few seconds restart the cam and WAIT!

    Within a few minutes you will have everything.


    Null Modem Image

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    Flash Wizard Image

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
    HI No Should look something like this you need 2 lines:
    N 0F00 A0B8141Df067567832
    N 0F01 00A8141Df187808366

    I thought you had already got the transponders?
    Put all the roms in.

    Please list contents in keys folder & scce folder so i know where you are.
    Hi, shall I leave any space while keying the keys? Do I need to put in this"[]"? There are three line of keys, so I just need to use the bottom line of keys? After input the keys, the next step is it scan for transponder? Forgotten one more thing, do I need any rom or nagra file also? If yes, I got Rom7,Rom10 and Rom11. Which one shall I use?
    Is it something like this: N 0F01 00A8141Df187808366[][]? If it is, what is the next step to input the key? after input the key what shall I do? Thats It. You also need the line that starts N 0F01 01 then goto your box & input these manualy into your SoftCam.key file. If you can connect your box to your PC use notepad to edit the file
    Hi despdan, I have try to backup my friend image using Flashwizard pro. When trying to backup, a message came up:"Invaild login or password".
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