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  • Hiya, I need to replace a hob cable urgently, it states on bottom of hob 3 x 1mm hov5v v-f cable. Have removed cable but its only 0.75mm stamped on it. (This is new item). Its thermoplastic cable for protection, where can i get some from today as hob is being fitted later today??? Thanks, Paul. (cable was just to short to reach socket.)
    hi curly i remember a bit ago you said your were getting a setup to watch the 3pm kickoffs i'v asked a few questions with differnt responses but i wanted to know the best (and cheapest lol) way to get bolton matches seeing as you are a fellow sufferer opps sorry i mean supporter i thought you'd know the best setup up for those peticular matches
    hi, Curly i am a wanderers fan living in Haslemere Surrey, moved from Farnworth 10 yrs ago, might need your help as I had a 90cm motorized last Chrimbo, but not done anything with it, seems a waste, I am hoping to get a dreambox 500 s hd when they come out, a place in Camberley ( Dreambox shop) near me, will phone me when they get stock.
    don't know if I can get showtime hoping to watch 3.00pm kick offs for Bolton matches, would be willing to share with you, can you advise what card you need me to share and set up my dreambox.

    Thanks in advance Steve
    hi curly do you live in the bolton area cos i live in leigh and need some help setting up my technomate tm 600 linux dont have a clue where to start and was wondering if you where not to far away that maybe that you could help me cheers gibbo
    Hiya mate ! Ive been browsing the download section tryin to find a download for caton 1.8! Cant see owt any ideas where to get the download mate! Thanks
    hi there mate !!! can ye tell me can ye write on the original ntl cards wat cum with the boxes!!! ive got sum1 askin me to turn theres on but avent any cards and dont know if it possible to erase and write on the card that supplied !!! thanx
    hiya mate have ye got the sdt (samsung debug tool mate) have bought the ocd commander and wanted to know how to get the bk and ird number cos hasnt got a card mate!!!! for pace it tells ye to type byte20040000 but wanted to know if was the same command for the sammy mate thanx
    hi mate iv requested you as a friend on here !! ive read some of your views and think you could be a great healp to me at this as im only a beginner at the funcard rewriting and flashing to turn boxes back on mate !!! thank you
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