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    Happy Birthday Baaheeduk

    Thanks for the birthday messages peeps! Been working today but off tomorrow :) Bottle of plonk for starters me thinks!
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    past and present

    Happy Mothers Day! For all mum's past & present! A day to appreciate your mum in reflection or in presence!
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    Happy Birthday Earwig

    Happy Birthday Craig, all the best!
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    How do u get around this site?

    Always, new posts tab!
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    Sad Announcement

    R.I.P. David. Condolences to David's family & close friends!
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    Little update

    All the best Jackel!
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    Music room

    :err: 11 for the room versus 1 against! MH has already suggested the 'dont care' votes are no votes as they are neither for or against the room. Thats a vast majority swing in my book! :)
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    Music room

    You can if you sign out and view the thread!
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    my on going fight with cancer

    I knew you were being treated for this awful disease and I'm truely saddened by this news David. My thoughts are with you and your family. Kind regards, Cliff
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    passed my driving test to day

    Many Congratulations FB2 :Clap:
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    Cover Versions

    Santana's version of the Zombie's classic 'She's not there'
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    Please Welcome 3 New Moderators

    Congratulations guys!
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    My wedding anniversary today!!

    Many Congratulations Eder :Clap: It was my parents anniversary the other day! 47 years together :)
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    have not long became a dad

    Many congratulations FB
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    Vaild point Mickie and I agree, in fact Arsenal have proved that by not paying over the odds for a goal keeper! I say good on them for not being held to ransom! I think they valued Schwarzer at 2 million and Fulham wanted 4 miliion.