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    Samsung HD103SI EcoGreen F2 1TB SATA-II 3.5 39.99 + vat = 46.99

    This looks good, but I'm after a 2.5 hard drive. Thanks anyway!
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    V HD box for a one off payment of £49 @ VERVIMMEDIA

    I'm going to call them up and see what they can do!
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    dbox just fainted and wont come round

    Hi mate, I had the same issue with my Nokia, best thing is to restore the image with a fresh bootloader, by using just the null modem cable and the process should take around half an hour, but it did the trick for me. Hope this helps (i'm trying to think of what the software was called)
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    phoning 0800 numbers from your mobile

    Thanks a lot mate
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    Free Weekend Test Drive - New Mégane Hatch

    I have just booked this for a weekend in March, so thanks a lot and we'll see how it goes :)
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    auto update keys ..

    This is an excellent program! Thanks
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    PS3 Advice Needed

    This is the new 80GB PS3, so they will not play ps2 games, nor have memory card slots. And only 2 usb slots
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    50% off food voucher PIZZA HUT

    Thanks a lot mate, just printed one
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    Network Provider whats 3 phone network coverage like now

    3 use o2 as thier carrier, not Orange.
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    Free Coke Can Glass

    I got these from Dubai McDonald's in May. They are decent quality and look good. :)
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    Network Provider changing their T and Cs

    O2 changed their T&C's last year, gave a months notice, BUT if you took a contract before the letter, then O2 couldn't stop people from terminating the contract as they breeched the T&C's. I'm sure you will be able to to cancel the contract, and you get to keep the phone. Then take another...
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    Oh well, no harm in trying! So did you get that phone?
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    Are you already on o2? And are you on P&G? If so o2 can give you discount according to your top ups! Just go into an o2 store and tell them you want to upgrade your p&g phone, and what discount you can get.
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    O2 Nokia N95 8Gb £99 refurb Offline (NOT CONTRACT!!!)

    It would be, but if you need to get it repaired, just put the original firmware on and all is good :)
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    O2 Nokia N95 8Gb £99 refurb Offline (NOT CONTRACT!!!)

    Not really, as I did this with my N95 silver and then the screen went all fuzzy. All I did was give it in for repair at o2 and they sorted the phone out.