V Two One has launched its new 2Mb ADSL product. Offering a competitive package at the lowest cost without compromising on the quality has always been the priority at V Two One, and the company claim this new product is no exception, costing only £9.98 per month. With other major ISPs offering 2Mb packages that cost between £15.99 and £29.99 per month, V Two One’s new ADSL service claim to be the cheapest in the UK.

The benefits that the new 2mb ADSL service offers customers are extensive. As well as the regular V Two One broadband offering – reliable, always on internet access – the new package offers up to 2Mb in line speeds, 2Gb of free monthly downloads, quality 24 hour technical support, seven days a week and migration from other ADSL suppliers that is quick and easy.

Distinguishing the package further still, V Two One’s new 2Mb ADSL offering comes complete with V Two One FreeTalk, the company’s first telephone service, launched earlier this year. FreeTalk offers unlimited free calls day and night to other V Two One customers, without the need to change your telephone line or install any new hardware. The new FreeTalk service is designed to make life even easier for V Two One customers, as Managing Director Steve Kaye confirms, “We believe that supplying our customers with a one monthly bill scenario is what they want and need. We have negotiated very hard for our customers and we now offer competitive rates for other national and international calls which in most cases outrival those from companies such as BT and Talk Talk.”

V Two One is constantly updating its products and services to meet the demands of the UK broadband market. The development of the new 2Mb ADSL offering has been introduced in response to the demand for a reliable broadband service that offers maximum line speeds without the extortionate price tag. Commenting on the new 2Mb ADSL product, Steve Kaye remarked, “Quite simply this new offer is the best deal around for this bandwidth. With a line speed of up to 2Mbps, and free downloads of up to 2Gb, internet users will be hard pressed to find an ISP that can match us.”

Further information on V Two One is available at www.v21.co.uk, by e-mailing info@v21.co.uk or by calling +44 (0)870 442 9600. Alternatively write to V Two One, 59 London Road, Blackwater, Nr Camberley, Surrey, GU17 0AB. Fax: +44 (0)870 422 9601. Email: info@v21.co.uk