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    ESA & DLA Appeals Tribunal

    For those people who found themselves in the position that they had to take their ATOS "professionals" decision Appeal to a Tribunal the Ministry of Justice put a video on YouTube on behalf of HM Courts and Tribunals service called "Making an appeal to the Social Security and Child Support Tribunal".
    Chris Grayling the Tory Minister for State (Employment) - Department of Work and Pensions, has had this video removed on a couple of occasions after complaining about the information that it provided and the advice it gave.
    In particular, that "DWP do not usually send anyone to represent them at the Tribunal" and "That more than twice as many people win their appeals by attending a Tribunal".

    Note that this is a Government Minister getting a Government Agency's video removed !!!!
    Does this not tell you that they know they are deliberately trying to get people back to work who are clearly not fit to work but do not want them to know their rights ?

    The Video is available on YouTube at the moment but may get taken down again at any time.
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