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Thread: John Venables New Identity Mentioned In Texts

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    John Venables New Identity Mentioned In Texts

    Before believing the text going around about the James Bulger murderer's new identity, here's a blog from Sky News about it, and make up your own minds whether it's true or not:

    David Calvert Is Still Not Jon Venables | Jon_Venables | David_Calvert | David_Calvert-Smith | Life of Crime | Sky News Blogs

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    Re: John Venables New Identity Mentioned In Texts

    Well here is the guy's chance to finally kill this rumour once and for all.

    call a media conference and say "Here I am and there HE is in the slammer!".

    Just hope the poor sod aint working away somewhere lol.

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    Re: John Venables New Identity Mentioned In Texts

    i just got the tex now

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    Re: John Venables New Identity Mentioned In Texts

    If it's turns out to be false then the person that started these rumours (Should he or she be caught) should serve a life sentence for causing unduely distress to an innocent member of the public!

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    Re: John Venables New Identity Mentioned In Texts

    Saw the text this morning, believe from what was in the Daily Express Newspaper that this poor bloke has had to move house on two now possibly three occasions thanks to somebody being stupid enough to say he is John Venables the convicted murderer with no facts and no evidence to back up his assumptions.
    Time to put the real murdering bastard in public view so we all know who he is and this poor bloke and his girlfriend get there freedom back.
    There again if he hadn't been allowed by the do gooding minority who still appear on TV saying if he is identified or released again he would be killed as was threatened during the original trial of James Bulger, he would not have been able to offend again.
    Bring back hanging, the electric chair or the lethal injection before it's to late for 100% guilty people, who live a life with 3 meals a bed and a roof over there heads instead of a coffin lid.

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