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    Dynamic DNS

    I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to install an IP camera with remote access and have setup a host with DynDNS. After days of effort I tracked down my problem to the fact that I cannot connect to my router from outside. It is a BT Homehub 3 with the firewall turned off. BT will not provide any help support for Dynamic DNS despite the fact that it is configurable on this hub and their engineer has just left after checking my line and finding no faults. They assure me that they do not block anything at the exchange.

    Can anyone out there suggest a fix before I jump..........?
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    Re: Dynamic DNS

    Are you trying to connect from outside your network or testing it from inside?

    Do you need to forward any ports for the camera?

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    Re: Dynamic DNS

    You shouldn't need to connect to your router from outside, just port forward which ever port your camera needs and connect to the camera directly.

    As you say the problem is when your public IP address changes and your router does not update dyndns.
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    Re: Dynamic DNS

    Very many thanks for your replies. I have tested it from inside, from my iPhone, from BT helpdesk and from DynDNS's OpenPort Tool. The DynDNS diagnostics suggest that it is being blocked by a firewall or my ISP. BT categorically state that they do not block anything. Someone suggested I buy a new router but I am reluctant to do that at the moment because I do not believe it would change anything. BtT agreed that even if I had a static IP address it would make no difference because they are unable to access my current IP address. I am away fom home for a couple of weeks so I will just have to leave it on the back burner for now.
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    Re: Dynamic DNS

    i spent hours configuring my home hub2 and like you i thought bt were stopping some thing
    i have listed how i port forwarded a port for my spider box
    and set up a dynamic dns on router
    as i said this is for home hub2 but would of thought it will be something similar
    bt home hub 2
    port forwarding

    you have to go into advanced menu and application sharing,
    select supported applications,
    then add new game or application,
    then asign "game/application name" name it (camera)
    "copy an existing game/application" click no,
    "port range" 03567-03567 (what ever port range you want)
    "translate to" 03567-03567(" ")
    click add
    click apply
    click configuration above
    click game or application and scroll down to and click on (camera)
    then click on select device and scroll down to your own mac address
    click select then click add then click apply,

    dynamic dns on home hub2
    bt home hub 2
    dynamic dns
    go into bt hub manager
    click settings
    enter password
    click advanced
    click continue to advanced
    then click on broadband
    click on dynamic dns
    "use dynamic dns service" click yes
    in configuration enter "username" xxxxxxx
    "password " xxxxxxxx
    "confirm password" xxxxxxx
    the above username and password are of your dyndns acc
    "service" enter which one you have be it no-ip or dyndns ect
    "host"enter your account name

    hope this will help you in someway.

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    Re: Dynamic DNS

    Thanks for the info but have already tried all of that.
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    Re: Dynamic DNS

    well bt homes hubs are shite, the last few i have tinkered with where shite to setup basically, everything is about as clear as a dirty window lol. Anyway, i do know that the bt homehubs are not configured for remote access (remote admin for router) afaik this is for all homehubs, but it was alteast for the ones i was tinkering with a while ago, they just donot support it. there are tutorials for forwarding ports on these things but even i struggled on this and believe me, i have worked on many many many routers big and small.

    you could try Port Forwarding Guides Listed by Manufacturer and Model - for some direction and as always google is your friend.

    incidently, you do not have to use the DDNS service on the router you could use the one on your cameras webgui (it should have an option for this) if you use (the most widely supported dns service) when the camera detects a change of IP it will update dns records accordingly just like it would on the router.

    you would have to port forward and open the ports on the HUB (you will have to excuse me i dont often work on this so am not fluent in them) or check to see if the bt hubs have a DMZ option (de-militarized zone) and place the cameras IP into this, however the DMZ will leave all ports open to a particular IP address so make sure you set good strong passwords for all services on the camera, i.e. FTP / HTTP / TELNET etc etc , but it is only a cctv camera so nothing too major.

    hope this helps.

    p.s. despite what BT says or anyone else, home hubs are shite. BT`s stance on remote admin was `we dont allow it on the home hub as it is a significant security risk` lol, this coming from a company which carried on relying on MAC based WEP keys many many years after WEP was deemed near useless lol.
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    Re: Dynamic DNS

    dont know if this is any good to you ive used it in the past and its been good

    Simple Port Forwarding | Simple Port Forwarding

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