Thread: arduino or raspberry pi ?

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    arduino or raspberry pi ?

    Looking for a project for a mess about on these dark nights. Was going to try and learn a programming language to aid the modding of either of these units, I've not got anything in mind but something unusual and pointless like the led cube.

    so I'm thinking Arduino for a start.

    Anybody got any input in what to use as a new mess about toy.


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    Re: arduino or raspberry pi ?

    Thinking about some led strips on the stairs, so arduino would be better.


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    Re: arduino or raspberry pi ?

    From what I've seen of Arduino a lot of the software comes as libraries so the lower level stuff is already done. I've not had much to do with them but someone at work had a work experience student doing something on one.

    I always liked Microchip PICs and the PIC Kit3 (in-circuit programmer and debugger) is cheap and the MPLAB software comes with a C compiler nowadays . Configuring the PIC is probably the trickiest bit.

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    Re: arduino or raspberry pi ?

    Going to try something like this, auto on via pir not sure about the colour just white probably. Going to start saving.

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    Re: arduino or raspberry pi ?

    Quote Originally Posted by olcal2553 View Post
    Please anybody, i am looking for arduino books. Any free link ? Thanks.

    Quote Originally Posted by Goldberg View Post
    You don't need books. Google is your friend and sites like have great projects.

    Books go out of date quickly.
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    Re: arduino or raspberry pi ?

    I've got a pi 3 and i love it but i find it can be a bit slow. If i had a chance to choose again I'd look at spending a bit more with a better spec. It is good for general coding and experimenting though.

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    Re: arduino or raspberry pi ?

    I've been playing around with a pi for some digital signage stuff at work, it works pretty well as a low budget thing to mess with, not sure how many other applications it suits though.

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