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    Hey everyone I'm a hobby photographer here. I use a Nikon D3400. It's a really solid little camera and I'm very happy with the results I'm getting. I also work with Photoshop so I'm pretty good at getting images to a professional quality. I would like to put them up online but I'm worries about the images being used for spread without my permission. Does anyone have any experience with that or with copywrite? This isn't really my area of expertise. I know you can put a watermark on them, I've seen that in Photoshop but I think it will also ruin the viewing for people. I Googled copywrite and I've found a few articles, this one was pretty good. But I wanted to know if anyone had any personal experience with this and if so could you share it with me? Any help would be appreciated.
    Best advice for images going on an online portfolio is to use Photoshop's save for web and devices option.

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