Conversations (direct messaging)

The forum software that DigitalWorldz runs, uses the term conversations to refers to messages sent directly to another member.

On DigitalWorldz (DW) all messages sent as conversations are private. DW’s moderator and administrator teams do not have access to other members' conversations. Members are strongly advised to report any message you receive that does not conform to the forum's rules.

Members can start a conversation with any other member; provided that member has not opted out of receiving them.

Starting a new Conversation

There are a number of methods for starting a new Conversation.

  1. By clicking on a members name, and selecting Start a Conversation from the dialogue overlay.
  2. Through your account page:
    • Your account page > Conversations > Start a New Conversation
  3. From directly within your inbox. Near the top right is a button labelled "Start a New Conversation".
  4. The dialogue overlay that opens when you click on the Inbox link towards the top right of most pages, also has a "Start a New Conversation" option.

With methods 2-4, you will have to type the member's name you wish to start the conversation with. The forum software will offer suggestions as to the member you might be wishing to contact. Clicking on the a suggestion will add that name to the Participants list. Please note; suggestions are not "fuzzy" searches, so the username spelling must be exact.

Group Conversations

Group conversations can also be started using the methods above. If using the first method, only that member's name will be automatically added. To add multiple recipients, each member name must be separated with a "," (comma).

Managing your Inbox

From the conversation inbox you can start a new conversation, read old conversations, reply, delete, favourite a conversation, and mark conversations as read or unread.

Here we are just going to look at how to delete a conversation, and how to favourite a conversation.

Deleting conversations

There are two methods of deleting a conversation from your inbox.

The first is from within a conversation itself. At the top right of the message is a link that says "Leave Conversation". Clicking it will ask you to confirm you that want to leave the conversation, and ask whether you want to see further replies or not. Clicking Leave Conversation in the dialogue overlay, will remove the conversation, and any replies, from your inbox.

The next is from the main inbox page. To the left of each conversation, there is a tick/check box. Ticking this, will open a dialogue overlay that gives you a "Other Action" drop down. One of the options is "Leave Conversation". You can tick multiple conversations without having to close the dialogue overlay each time. This is the quickest way of removing several conversations from your inbox.

Please note: Conversations remain in the inbox of any other recipients. Opting out of further replies will not prevent you from receiving messages from that member sent as part of other conversations.

Favouriting a Conversation

It is possible to favourite a conversation, or a number of conversations; to enable you to find them more easily at a future date. Much like a webmail client, this involves "starring" the conversation(s).

You can "star" a conversation from within an already opened message. Clicking the link at the top of the message that states "Star Conversation" will add the conversation to your list of starred conversations.

To favourite a conversation from the inbox; tick the check boxes to the left of each conversation that you want to star. From the dialogue overlay that opens select the "Star Conversations" option from the "Other Action" drop down.

When you are in your inbox; your starred conversations will now be indicated by a star. Also, when viewing the inbox, your list of starred conversations is available as a link under the "Home" navigation bar, which is just under the site logo in the top left of the page.

Turning off Conversations

It is possible to prevent members from being able to start Conversations with you.

If you wish to do this; you need to change your account privacy settings, by unticking the "Start conversations with" you option. Account privacy settings can be found here: Account Privacy settings

Alternatively you can set it so that only members that you follow can start a conversation with you.

Please note: this does not empty your inbox. Also, it is not possible opt out off receiving messages from the forum staff.

DW staff will not change the conversation settings of one member at the request of another. Please, do not ask us to do so. If you need to get a message directly to a member, depending on the circumstances, we may offer to act as an intermediary.

Reporting a Conversation

To report a single message within a conversation that contravenes any of the forum rules, you should see a report link at the bottom of every message. The forum rules can be found here: DigitalWorldz Rules

Please, be aware that this only reports that one message; not the whole conversation, nor every interaction between you and that member. As such, it may be necessary for you to report multiple messages in some circumstances.