The forum software that DigitalWorldz (DW) runs allows members to tag threads that they create.

A tag can be a word, or occasionally a short phrase, which helps to identify what the thread is about.

For those that have used social media; they can be used in a similar way to a hashtag. In so much that, clicking on a tag will provide you with a list of other threads that are tagged with that word, or phrase.

If a thread has been tagged, they are list at the top of a thread; under the thread title.

Adding tags.

The thread starter will add tags to a thread when it is created.

The area to add tags is under the body of the thread on every Create Thread page.

Multiple tags are separated by a ", " (comma).

Members should note they can only tag threads they create, and only at time they make the first post. Only DW staff have the ability to remove a tag, or add them after a thread has been created. If you want a tag added, or removed, please contact a member of DW staff.

What should/shouldn't I tag?

The best method of tagging threads will be to take a keyword from the thread title and a couple from the body of the thread.

If you were making a thread about how to flash a box for IPTV, for example; appropriate tags could include: flash, the image being used, the box manufacture, box model number, and IPTV.

However, we don't want you to rewrite the thread in tag form. As a rule of thumb, 2-4 tags would be sufficient for most threads.

Searching tags

If you are on a thread that is tagged with a keyword you are interested in, you can click on that tag (under the thread title) and you will be presented with a page of threads that have been labelled with that tag.

You don’t have to go looking for a thread that has been given a specific tag, though! You can search for tags using the forum’s search engine. This is located in the top right, just under your username. If you click where it says search, and then select "More..." from the dialogue overlay, this will open the forum search page. Across the top is a number of tabs for different search options; the rightmost of which is Search Tags. This link will get you to the same page: Search Tags|Digitalworldz