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    Nokia Ovi Suite Data extraction

    Came across this issue a few days ago and thought it might prove useful to anyonee trying to achieve the same. Took me a bit of time trying to do all sorts so hopefully this saves someone a bit of time.

    Nokia is now forcing its users to use ovi suite to manage the phones apps, data and syncing etc. However its removed all of the extraction/export tools to make you stick with nokia.

    If you dont have the foresight to take backups, or regulary sync data with outlook or other applications then you may want to get all your info which is stored in ovi out.

    Nokia use sqllite databases to store their data and most data is stored in
    C:\Users\<myName>\AppData\Local\Nokia\Nokia Data Store\DataBase \MDataStore.db3 files. however some data is stored in nbu files (backups).

    In order to extract data from here, simply install sqllite personal edition which is free.

    just type sqllite personal in google.

    install then open up the db3 file, now from here you can browse all the data stored by ovi. most importantly for me was the contacts table.

    yuou can then manipulate this data however you want.

    for example just "select all" the contents of the contacts table and paste it into an excel spreadsheet with cells formatted as text first to preserve the leading 0's in phone numbers. Save as csv and then import into outlook or anywhere elese (as long as the columns/fields are mapped correctly first).

    You can manipulate most of the data in the db3 file.

    Hopefully this proves useful to someone.

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    Re: Nokia Ovi Suite Data extraction

    cheers mate will try that out

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