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    Re: Electricans new Reg Part P

    Quote Originally Posted by MH View Post
    Just, you can add a socket, but you cannot extend or add a new electrical extension...

    We are getting as bad as America and Austrailia......

    I may have to pay some twart, to come and do I job, I could do myself but better......
    Fact: In Victoria, Australia you cannot legally change a light bulb without an electrical license :Fact

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    Re: Electricans new Reg Part P

    Sounds typically ridiculous! While I'm here, the Statutory Instrument (the only legal part pertaining to electrical installations) got varied a while back. This means you can do a whole load more without notifying Building Control.

    Still be wary of zone one in bathrooms, new circuits and stuff outside (summary).

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    Re: Electricans new Reg Part P

    Constantly wary of the postcodes changing when working the border between NSW & QLD, at least in Blighty I know which rules I'm breaking... Ha!?!

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    Re: Electricans new Reg Part P

    Quote Originally Posted by MH View Post
    Yip the govenment has screwed us again.

    Any of who do not work in that field anymore but are qualified electricians, will not be allowed to do any major electrical work at home without first completing the goverments new competent person scheme. This comes into force on the 1st January 2004.

    This site is designed primarily for firms that carry out fixed electrical installation work in dwellings in England and Wales and want to be able to self-certify that their work complies with the Building Regulations once Part P (electrical safety) is implemented on 1st January 2005.

    The Part 'P' Competent Person Scheme offered here was approved by the Secretary of State on 29th June 2004.

    It is provided by BRE Certification Ltd, with the support and cooperation of the Electrical Contractors' Association and the IEE.

    More info can be found here :- htp://
    you can rewire your own sockets as long you get some one in to check it

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    Re: Electricans new Reg Part P

    you can rewire anything as long as nobody is around

    Electricans new Reg Part P-14232add8f45c73b9f05eca7d3eba7c37ad6590c4d3a67766e56097248744784-jpg

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