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    Bush TV Problem

    Got our 28" Bush widescreen TV (model WS6680SIL) from Tesco 2 years ago and recently its developed an odd problem.

    When you turn it on the sound id fine but the brightness on the image goes from normal throught a slow fade to black where it stays for a random ammount of time then back to normal.

    A sharp smack to the side reverses the direction of the fade. (eg if its getting darker it starts getting lighter .. back towards normal).

    I should add that the bridghtness/contract levels in the menu are not actually changing, just the screen goes dark regardless of the brightness setting.

    Been quoted around 50 to have a go at fixing it by the local TV store.

    Ive had the back off it but i cant see any loose connections.

    Anyone have any ideas what action I should take / heard of this problem before?

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    Sounds like a dry joint on the tube heaters, have a look on the tube base printed circuit board for a dry joint and follow the wires from the circuit board to the main circuit board and check where they are solderd to it, also check for a dry joint around the line stage, this is where the large transformer is.

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    i've had 2 of these blow on me. 1 lasted 2 years, and the second, 4 years.

    i bought them both at the same time as well.

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    I took it apart agin and checked all the connections, couldnt see any dry connections. got rid of all the dust and dirt i could see and put it back together.

    Thought id try it and it works!

    Dont recally actualy doing anything but its back going now.

    Thanks for your replies.

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