Thread: What classifies as a post count?

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    What classifies as a post count?


    im new to the forum

    what classifies as a post count ?

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    Re: What classifies as a post count?

    Just post a good question and help will come your way or help others,Pretty easy really

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    Re: What classifies as a post count?

    @Xfiles2007 You just made a post and a thread, I assume You mean 5 useful posts. This is decided by admin/mods and I think it's if You share something to help another Member, or to start a thread about something You think might be of interest to the rest of the forum Members. Personally I think this is a useful question, thread and post.

    Just for Your information once You get You 5 posts in, You can post almost anything and get away with it (it's all in the rules thread), DW really is an easy going forum.
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    Re: What classifies as a post count?

    Quote Originally Posted by boroboy40 View Post
    hi im trying to download a file i have 5 posts but still get the screen were it says about not having permision or need 5 posts to download is there anything im missing thanks
    It's 24 hours after you hit 5 posts.

    This allows staff to remove any posts they think have been made just to get the members post count up... Which I have just done to 4 of yours. (Normally notification of posts being deleted would be sent via PM.)

    For the record; posts of thanks, as well as questions like will this work on xyz, and is this file still available are examples of post clocking (especially on old threads).

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    Re: What classifies as a post count?

    As this question has been answered in detail by Little_pob I will close this thread as if open it will attract post clocking .

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