Thread: Is this place a scam ?

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    Is this place a scam ?

    So the wife decides to order an ipad for a Christmas present and without thinking got it from here
    eGlobal Central UK - Online Shopping Store with Low Price on All Latest and Branded Consumer Electronics and Gagdets
    When I ask why the f##k she said Argos was out of stock and it was the next cheapest plus it's so I thought it was a uk company.

    It turns out their a Hong Kong based company. It gets worse , there's no email address , no phone number, no live chat. We did get a confirmation email but that's about it the website just says "possessing order".
    I then read reviews and they stink to the high heavens., she paid via PayPal.
    Anyone used them?

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    Re: Is this place a scam ?

    I wouldn't worry too much apart from it may not arrive before Christmas lol. If it's still processing you could cancel and ask for a refund. As you paid via PayPal you should be covered for any issues

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    Re: Is this place a scam ?

    I've never used them myself but a m8's ordered a few phones off them and he's been happy with them etc.

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    Re: Is this place a scam ?

    I'll give a week or so then if no joy take thing from there. There are some good reviews but alot seem to be based on bad comms and people sh*ttin it then the reviews end up doing the snowball affect.

    When I order things from unknowns I always do a background check and if it doesn't look right then I go elsewhere, but her ? , ffs .... she must have been like a moth attracted to the flashing banners all over the page

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    Re: Is this place a scam ?

    A couple of years ago (just before Xmas funnily enough) I went through a similar agony- I found a "UK" site with very attractive prices (xpediteelectronics) and ordered a couple of mobile phones and an expensive camera lens. After the confirmation email they went very quiet. BUT the stuff arrived (for UK so no customs charges), just what the doctor ordered, albeit intended for the Saudi market!
    As T3rminal says, you should be covered by Paypal if it's' a no-show.

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    Re: Is this place a scam ?

    As a follow up, my order still remains as "Processing" so I have taken it up with PayPal.
    I have to wait till 25th December before I can do anything else which means I will have to order elsewhere.
    DO NOT USE EGLOBALCENTRAL they are a rip off

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    Re: Is this place a scam ?

    So easy to get caught by these sites, most of the time a product arrives, but it may not be exactly what you thought you were getting. Hopefully paypal will sort you out

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    Re: Is this place a scam ?

    My PayPal dispute claim is in then by magic the delivery status then changed on their website to "Dispute".
    When I got up this morning it changed again and it's now saying "Your order is been packed ready for delivery".
    It seems the PayPal dispute claim has kicked them into some kind of action but it still doesn't mean I will get anything and before Christmas, we'll see.

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    Re: Is this place a scam ?

    Wasn't me, was the missus who bought it. and effendi1 ? , I take it you have used them then ?
    Until I have the goods at hand then I'll hold judgement ,,,so

    a f**kin scam it is

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    Re: Is this place a scam ?

    I hate that, sellers say they're a UK based company but in reality they just have a drop-shipper here to redirect the goods from Hong Kong via Royal Mail so you think it's going to arrive in a few days. So frustrating when it arrives three weeks later.

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