Thread: Dallas shootings

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    Dallas shootings

    This innocent guy

    Dallas police shooting: How one protester went from most wanted to innocent man
    - BBC Newsbeat

    Also, "Out for a bit of shopping with the missus. Got my camouflage and AK47 on a;-
    brian redban sur Twitter : ". @dallasPD He is in this video:"

    was a wanted by the Police directly after the horrendous murder of 5(possibly more) US Police officers. He was eventually found and it was proven that he had nothing to do with the Dallas shootings.

    But saying that, why the f**k carry a semi automatic rifle slung over your shoulder to a so called "friendly demonstration" ?. We talk about the middle east been messed up but in my reckoning the US ain't that far behind.

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    Re: Dallas shootings

    Middle east messed up and US. Now that's a topic....

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    Re: Dallas shootings

    The black community do get a hard time from the police in America. There's no excuse to pick cops off with sniper rifles. But America would not be as messed up as it is with there gun laws.
    How people can go into a gun shop and with a quick check walk out with high powered weapons.

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