I'm not sure even how i come across this site but if your into your glowing EL wire, Muscle Wire Actuators, soft conductive foam or maybe you just want a skin conduction switch? then have a little look over at this site i found.

(I seem to think that this might have been posted here as where else would i have stumbled across a site, answers on a post card too...)

I do like the "switchable glass" they sell......awesome !

Switchable Glass is a revolutionary breakthrough in display technology. With the flick of a switch, it transforms from a cloudy white translucent barrier to an optically clear state. The panels are produced by laminating polymer-dispersed liquid crystal film with architectural grade PVB between two layers of glass. From custom residential uses to the most high-tech commercial applications, the glass adds incredible visual effects to any setting.


• Can be applied to the inside of glass or plastic.
• Allows architects and contractors to provide cost-effective creative design concepts with engineering flexibility.
• Can be applied to curved surfaces, cut into odd shapes, or even hole-punched to accommodate specific display applications.
• Flexible size up to 60 in x 120 in.

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