Hi all,
I have a "Ideal Response 120" combi boiler, and I've just put a radiator
back on after decorating a room. After filling the radiator and
re-pressurising the system, I got water leaking out of the auto air vent
(brass valve thing with black screw in) on top of the boiler . I know this
screw is usually left a little loose to allow air to vent, but I've screwed
it tight now to stop the water leaking.
1) I think this is safe to do - can anyone confirm if it is safe to do this
2) Am I correct in thinking that the purpose of the auto air vent is just to
help reduce air building up in the system/reducing the need to bleed air
from the rads themselves?
3) Should I get my boiler people to look at it? I presume this indicates a
faulty air vent unit , or maybe it indicates a problem with some other