Thread: Mastic Pointing , I need tips on how2 any one in the building trade ???

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    Mastic Pointing , I need tips on how2 any one in the building trade ???

    I have a bloody huge wall to point up its made from accrington bricks/ Nori Brick
    There a red hard non-porous brick with a fine joint very uniform in size and finish , Now i have plenty of experience in normal sand sand and cement
    but this mastic is a whole new ball game , i understand i need some good mastic and is it double boiled linseed oil ?
    was thinking of getting a hawk like this
    and some rake disks for my hand grinder but ive been told that grinding out is to harsh and i should just scrape the joints out with something like this
    this is what they look like the bricks as i appreciate its a northern brick and as such is mostly used up north !! so i looked for a picky of what they look like

    my task is to point a huge wall and i wish to make it as easy and possible
    so tips on what and how to go about this greatly appreciated
    my idea so far is to get the mastic and oil and a new hawk then scrape the joints out in preparation and then i mix a bita oil to the mastic mix this and the flatten it out to a 5mm ish pancake on the hawk with my towel then using the trowel i cut a 5mm ish section so i have a worm like
    bit of mastic on the trowel and apply to the joint !!
    then repeat again again again and so on then after do i paint the oil on or use a rag to clean any mastic from the brick face !!
    or am i going about this all wrong and its a fooking good job i asked ...
    i have a bita time on my hands and hope to save a good few geting this done myself ....
    thanks for reading

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    Re: Mastic Pointing , I need tips on how2 any one in the building trade ???

    if the joints are pretty tight then use a hand rake if they are are of reasonable thickness then use an angle grinder with fine disc ,as for the pointing there is no special tools required a small hawk and pointing trowel are quite suffice and is easy to do once all pointed in red mastic then get some double boiled linseed oil and brush on the wall to give a nice sheen do this every 6 mths to stop the mastic from seriously drying out

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