Thread: Problems with Logik video sender

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    Problems with Logik video sender

    Brought one of these for me dad 2 watch setanta in the dining room but cant get a picture,its only 3 connections too connect,red,yellow,white,the transmitter flashes a faint red light on the front but the reciever shows nothing,the manual u get with it is a complete waste of time..... ive tried changing the channels on it as it has 4 but its still a no go,its only gotta go through 1 wall and the reciever is only about 5 foot away so i dont see why it aint picking up any channels.....i tried connectin the transmitter too the video out of the virmin box using a scart connector but still nothing any help will be appreciated

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    Re: Problems with Logik video sender

    Im sure video senders don't work with cable boxes m8..

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    Re: Problems with Logik video sender

    Some do work with cable boxes but i dont think that one does? might be wrong

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