Thread: Tevion Elite 8 In 1 Universal Remote Control Tv Touch Screen

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    Tevion Elite 8 In 1 Universal Remote Control Tv Touch Screen

    Hi there,

    Fist of all, I apologise if I have posted in wrong forum, but I cannot find a forum for remte controlds codes.

    I have just bought the tevion URC 8 in 1 remote and I cannot programme it to control my Dvd which is Tevion HT95. Could some one please send me a code for this.



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    The remote should have an auto code function. It will go through codes until your device turns off. then u have it. I tried URC 8 in 1 in google and got loads of hits. The unit could be sourced from Kameleon.

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    Hi I also have a Kameleon 6 in 1 urc and I cannot program it to work with dreambox dm500. Does anyone have any codes that I might try as this is a bit of a wind up. I would appreciate any information about this as I can't seem to find anything by googling it there must be someone with the same problem...

    Thanks in advance


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