I have a General Instrument cable box,it also says "jerrold impulse" on top and has a number on the bottom... 550 model IDPBB7316/210/V5, i have a cube connected.
the cube thing always worked fine, untill a few months ago.
My friends and I noticed that a lot of channels had went off and in place of them was the advert channel for pay per view, but we also still had pay per view movies and some other channel's that you shouldnt get with the basic subscription,i.e- if they where going to shut you down, why not shut all channels and leave you with the bare ones, know what i mean ?
From time to time, all the channels come back on, but most of the time thier off.
I know loads of people who have the same problem.
Does anyone have a solution ? or know where i can get a solution ?
please post on this site or better still, e-mail me at thomson@ntlworld.com