Thread: Freeview HD tuner ?

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    Re: Freeview HD tuner ?

    Quote Originally Posted by geforcefx View Post
    no no no, it deff has a hd tuner , that like dosent give u the full spec ..i will try & find u the right link.. here u are right link

    Samsung Series 7000 LED TV review
    That's from New Zealand.

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    Re: Freeview HD tuner ?

    it has a DVB-T tuner capable for MPEG-4 (H.264) HD decoding. (old standard but can be rolled out on currrent systems)

    DVB-T2 is the NEW standard as adopted by the UK which allows for greater bandwidth

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    Re: Freeview HD tuner ?

    o.k guys cheers 4 all the help & info

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