Thread: BBC HD ITV HD and C4 HD via your HTPC

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    BBC HD ITV HD and C4 HD via your HTPC

    Is anyone watching BBC, ITV and C4 via Freeview HD on their PCs?

    I've been a dbox man for the past year and the picture was great on my CRT but since I got my LCd the picture looks rather crap. I plugged in my Laptop with a Freecom DVB-T USB dongle and the picture blew me away. I am now getting near CRT performance via my crappy USB dongle and a rooftop aerial.

    I know that it is possible to watch these channels on a PC as tv cards can decode the h264 transmission. Has anyone got a tv card that they can reccommend?

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    The Nebula Digi-Tv HD will decode them but the only freeview HD channel is BBC and it is only a test from the Crystal Palace transmitter in south London, it is running for a year and will stop this summer.

    I have it connected to a fairly beefy laptop and it struggles to decode it smoothly, would prob need a dual core for it to be watchable.

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    Thanks for the reply mate. I'll definetly be buying one of them. The Freeview performance via PC is outstanding compared to two STBs I have tried.

    I have a powerful enough HTPC so hopefully I shouldnt get any bad pictures. I'm going to use DVDViewer with PowerDVD7 for the H264 codec. Hopefully it should all work sweet

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