Thread: VIRGIN Moving to Nagra 3 in England?

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    Re: VIRGIN Moving to Nagra 3 in England?

    chans slowly messing up in the burnley area. no sig/scramble etc 1 by 1 they are going. had the red card around 2 month ago. like i said before i will be spending time with family instead of paying for aload of shite tv from sly or virg. freeview all the way for me...also got an excuse to play a bit more on the 360....every cloud has a silver lining and all that jazz.
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    Re: VIRGIN Moving to Nagra 3 in England?

    well it is happening the south east and across the south went begining of april london has now gone and i can confirm the central region has also gone
    i do have a question tho i have the chance of a mod v+ box from oldham which is currently working will it work in the midlands or does the net id need changing............
    i dont mind 2 much my euro has served me well

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