Thread: Dreambox 800HD Cable Box??

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    Dreambox 800HD Cable Box??

    Hey all,

    I am considering getting a DM800 for "viewing". I wanted to know what files I would need to set it up, ie CCcam, images etc and what the keys are?? My dad gas a Sat ET9200 and doesn't use keys so I'm a bit confused as to whether cable is as straight forward as Satellite!! I have cable internet in the house so its more feasible to get cable box than install dish!
    Another thing I wanted to know is can the cable versions receive all the $*y HD channels etc??

    Hope someone can help,



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    Re: Dreambox 800HD Cable Box??

    You wont find a cable server. Go down the sat route

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    Yeah this thread is now moot as I'm getting an ET9200 with full sat setup, cable has very little support and very few servers!

    Cheers for the reply tho,


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