Not sure if already metioned here but i am using a software called enigma web tv, which is basically a software which helps with streaming on LAN and across the internet. I have managed to stream to my PC and iphone.

For iphone and ipad use an app called buzz player which works great.

Not sure if i am allowed to link other forums but do a search on enigma web tv.

Here are the instructions though.

Thanks to Thanks spangenseb

The Enigma Web TV tool controls Enigma 1 & 2 systems (Dreambox, ITGates, etc ...) on the network. You can watch TV but also stream the video & audio over Internet using a nice Web interface.

Very simple to use : register the tool, enter the Enigma settings (IP, User, Password) and watch TV just by selecting a provider and a channel !

NEW VERSION Since Feb-2012
- Multiple Language (Franšais, English, Deutsch)
- Embeded Web Server & Web Interface : nothing more to install, simply activate the web sharing service to control and watch TV all arround the world
- Access to the Web Interface using your public IP Address
- Build your own TV list to be available on the Web
- Web Interface can be used on PC & ANDROID phones !

Internet streaming - Enigma Web TV-enigma_web_tv-pdf