Thread: Streaming from a P.C. to a Dreambox 800

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    Streaming from a P.C. to a Dreambox 800

    Can you stream from your PC to a Dreambox 800, and if so how? Had a look at Play2Dream but that only seems to be for the DM500 and there's no conclusion as to whether it works or not. If someone could let me know it would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Streaming from a P.C. to a Dreambox 800

    I do wish people would either use the search button, or at least check the last few posts... 2 people posted pretty much the exact same question the other day here and here

    To stream from your PC to your dm800, download the VLC plugin and for your dm800, and the latest version of vlc for your pc. Again, to fond out exactly how to configure it, you can try google, or a quick search around here!!! However a brief guide to setting it up,

    - Make VLC shortcut on your desktop
    - Right click it, select properties
    - add the following to target: --intf wxwin --extraintf=http
    - You should end up with something like:
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    - Run your shortcut (you may not see anything, as it usually runs in the background, but you can check in taskmanager)
    - Config VLC plugin on you dm800...
    Configure your VLC plugin on your dreambox:
    Server Address: put in ur address 192.168.x.x
    HTTP Port: 08080 (Default)
    Movie Directory: / (this will list all drives on your pc. you can of course be more specific).
    DVD Device: didn't worry about
    Transcode MPEG/DVD Video: YES
    Video Codec: MPEG2
    Video Bitrate: 2000 is default, play around with it untill ur happy with the resolution.
    Video Resolution: Same deal, adjust untill you like the result
    Everything else can stay default, only audio I've change to mp3 and that was it.
    Dont forget, your PC will transcode the media you choose to play, and then stream it to your dreambox, therefore your streaming quality will depend on how "beefy" your PC is!
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    Re: Streaming from a P.C. to a Dreambox 800

    anyone know hot to set this up using a mac??


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    Re: Streaming from a P.C. to a Dreambox 800

    Everything looks fine, i can see the disc with movies but when i choose one of the movies (to play) not playing, not streaming yet
    i m sorry for my bad english.

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    Re: Streaming from a P.C. to a Dreambox 800

    i have dm800 clone and i am running Edg Nemesis 2.4 image with bootloader 84b. I am trying to make this work but for some reason dreambox is not seeing the pc. i have followed this guide its not working. may be nemesis image is not compatible with this method. Please suggest any other way.


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