Thread: Nabilosat Blackhole for DM800h/d

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    Nabilosat Blackhole for DM800h/d

    What is new in this version 0.11 ?

    Matrix10 Black&White HD Skin awesome HD skin with large size fonts and panels
    Nabilosat Black Hole Device Manager gives you full control over all your connected media: USB, CF, SD, HDD, DVD
    Nabilosat Black Hole Kernel Modules Manager allows you to setup all the modules required by additional features and devices
    Nabilosat Black Hole AutoCam allows you to assign a different CAM/EMU to each channel
    NTFS support allows you to mount a device formatted to Windows NTFS
    Smargo Phoenix & others Usb Card Readers enable your Smargo or other USB Card Readers, based on chipsets Ftdi and Pl2303
    Virtual Keyboard is a new CVS feature enabling you to type in data through an on screen keyboard
    Viasat EPG is now available for download
    Subtitles White Large Fonts TXT subtitles with HD skins. Large DVB subtitles HD full size (CVS last fix)

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