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    Smile Dreambox Locked Down

    Hi guys,

    I have a Dreambox 500, however am unable to access anything on the box as it appears to be locked down, I have the four digit password but cannot get any further.

    When trying to go into the Linux file directory it does not display any file such as the etc/pwd file.

    I know some of the threads mention going into extras but even this has not been installed. The FTP and Telnet function does not allow access to the box either.

    Does anyone know a way to access the box to backup the useful files as I need to update the image as I getting service not found error and I have tried changing the Lnb and other threads point to this.

    Many thanks in advance guys

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    Re: Dreambox Locked Down

    i think the best thing your can do is reflash the box now
    if your not sure what to do best to put one of the pli images on then all you will need to do is add your cline
    if you no what you are doing i would go for the commando image and set it up you will need to add the cam but if i can do that anyone can
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    Re: Dreambox Locked Down

    Found this recent post on ukcvs which looks like the answer to your prayers. This info is probably already posted here on DWZ somewhere, too.


    Have you tried connecting with a null serial cable:

    You will need putty (or HyperTerminal) as well a null modem cable

    - connect your dm with a serial/null cable to pc with power off
    - connect putty and use serial option (change serial port speed in putty to 115200) to connect to your dm and hit open
    -If using Hyperterminal set com port properties to: Bits per Second=115200 ;Data bits=8 ;Parity=none ;Stop bits=1 ; Flow control =Xon/Xoff
    - turn on dm and you will see a few messages during boot process

    Dreambox DM500
    loaded at: 00500000 0060016C
    avail ram: 00501000 02000000

    - hit control x repeatedly until the boot
    at the following prompt...

    Linux/PPC load:

    type (of course without quotes "")

    "console=null root=/dev/mtdblock5 rootfstype=squashfs ro console=ttyS0,115200 single"

    and press enter

    at this point I received the error [Can't open /proc/bus/] but just ignore it.

    once you are at the bash level ( / #) type

    "mount -t jffs2 /dev/mtdblock/1 /var"

    and press enter

    now type passwd
    -----------------------you should see the following screen---------------
    Changing password for root
    Enter the new password (minimum of 5, maximum of 8 characters)
    Please use a combination of upper and lower case letters and numbers.
    Enter new password:
    Re-enter new password:
    passwd[19]: password for `root' changed by user `root'
    Password changed.
    I tested by http and ftp to the box and was able to log in just fine.


    Cheers- AL

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    Re: Dreambox Locked Down

    Also have ago at this,it worked for me.....

    For whatever reason, there may be a pin code set on your dreambox. Sometimes this is done to keep nosey people changing settings and messing things up. It’s also used to block certain channels if you don’t want the kids accessing them (if you know that I mean).

    If you forget that pin, usually you would flash an image that you know doesn’t have the pin code set.

    Or…you can use the tuxbox commander plugin to get the pin. Most images have this plugin and it’s accessable via the plugins menu, usually yellow or blue button.

    Go to /var/tuxbox/config/enigma…

    There’s a file called config

    View it and look for lines like…


    These are hex numbers. Use your windows calculator in Scientific mode, click on Hex, enter the value in your file (last 4 numbers, not with the zeros in front of them), click Dec and that will be your pin.

    There you go, that was easy!


    FTP to /var/tuxbox/config/enigma and find a file called 'config'.

    Right click it and select 'view'.

    Look for a line like...


    Open up your windows calculator and go to scientific mode.
    Click on the HEX button.
    Enter in the last 4 characters in the parental lock line in the config file.
    Click the DEC button.

    This is your 4 digit pin code. You can then use it to disable the parental lock or Setup lock on your image.

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    Re: Dreambox Locked Down

    Cheers guys will give this a go and report back.

    I would reflash the box but need to pull the cline/ config file before these are lost as the box was plug and play.

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