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    Fox Bites Sleeping Girl

    A four-year-old girl was attacked by a fox as she lay asleep in her bedroom in London.

    The animal crept in through the back door of the house and snuck up the stairs before sinking its teeth into Jessica Brown's arm.

    Her parents, Richard Brown and Corinne Magnier, both aged 36, were in the house but were unaware of the fox's presence until Jessica let out a scream.

    Mr Brown, from Tufnell Park, north London, saw the fox perched on Jessica's bedroom window and chased it down the stairs.

    He told the Daily Mail: "Jessica was hysterical. She said she felt something biting her arm but I don't think she saw what it was.

    "I was very worried because it was a skinny, mangy looking thing and God knows what kind of diseases it might have."

    Ms Magnier said she heard Jessica scream: "Her door was ajar and I saw something coming out of her bedroom.

    "It came rushing out. I thought it was a large cat. I couldn't imagine a fox would be in the house.

    "Jessica held out her arm. We could see the teeth marks. She was shocked but she was half awake."

    It is believed the fox may have been attracted by the smell of a roast chicken dinner the family had eaten earlier.

    Jessica was taken immediately to hospital with teeth mark injuries and bruising on her arm but has recovered well.

    "She was quite brave. She's not scared by animals," Ms Magnier said.

    Increasing numbers of foxes in urban areas has led to a rise in the number of confrontations with humans.

    Trevor Williams, of the Fox Project, said town foxes are known to wander into houses, especially in the later summer when younger animals are looking for new territory.

    He said: "At the moment there are a lot of juveniles wandering around slightly bemused and they can end up walking into all sorts of situations."

    The local authority has promised to bring in an expert team to remove the fox.

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    bloody hell tufnell park is 5 mins from my house (walking)

    better close my doors !!!
    Live your life!

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    Youre ok Mickie m8 ,

    They hate Feckin Doughnuts ROFL


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    LMFAO @ scoot

    i been told you the donut master lololololol

    ill take the pepsi max challenge against my 14 stone and your 22 stone on your left leg lol

    and i heard also the fox was named jeffers and he will be byting liverpool fans next lol
    Live your life!

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