Thread: Kik Messenger..?

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    Kik Messenger..?

    I've been hearing rumours about Kik Messenger planting a virus onto Android (other mobile devices), I just want to get someone elses opinion on this before I let anyone loose on my network with this app.

    Anybody on here used this or have any knowledge about this rumour?

    Any info would be great.



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    Re: Kik Messenger..?

    i wouldnt waste your time. i have it on iphone and im way to delete it. few mates off mine have said its made there blackberry go slow and there was talk off a virus. its just another messaging program to add to the other one. i wouldnt bother with it

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    Re: Kik Messenger..?

    Used Kik, but to be honest always reverted to WhatsApp, and iOS5 (on the iphone) now has iMessage, so more likely to bin that too. Anyone that purposely buys a Blackberry want's their head testing.

    Probably bollox about a virus, usually is.
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    Re: Kik Messenger..?

    Whatsapp is going to expire for everyone in April and you will have to purchase the app to use it or something along those lines, had a few invites to install Kik and so far its seems ok so far... (iQ 31/08/2011) | TM800HD (DWiQ 16/07/11) | TM TWIN OE (OpenViX 3.0.665) | VU+ Duo (OpenViX 3.0.665) | Amiko Alien2 (Triple Tuner) |

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    Re: Kik Messenger..?

    Cheers for the input guys...exactly what I was looking for

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